Baken Jul i Juli Julemaendenes Verdenskongres 2019 Parade

World Santa Claus Congress 2020

July 20nd - July 23th

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World Santa Claus Congress 2021 has been cancelled!

We regret to announce that the World Santa Claus Congress 2020 and 2021 has been cancelled. Due to the COVID-19 situation and the local guidelines that have been established to combat the epidemic, we will unfortunately have to cancel this years World Santa Claus Congress.

World Santa Claus Congress

From july 20nd to july 23th 2020, Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, will once again become the gathering point for Santas and their wives from all over the world, when the 63nd annual World Santa Claus Congress is held.

Christmas in july

Since 1957 the World Santa Claus Congress has been an annual event at Dyrehavsbakken "Bakken" - the world's oldest amusement park, located just north of Copenhagen.

Every summer a jolly group of Santas, Santa's wives and Santa's elves from all over the world gather at Dyrehavsbakken to spread the christmas joy and socialize with other santas from near and far. 

A social event

The World Santa Claus Congress (WSCC) at Bakken is both a professional forum and social meeting place for real Santas from all around the world. The Santas from around the world have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and to network. The World Santa Claus Congress also provides a chance to promote the Santa Claus trade and show how Christmas cheer is done in different parts of the world.

Participation is free, so sign-up today!

An old tradition

The World Santa Claus Congress emerged in the middle of the last century by Professor Tribini. He was a legendary entertainer at Bakken and did not believe that Christmas should only happen once a year. Since the Santas are usually very busy in December, the professor created 'Christmas in July" - an event, which now attracts hundreds of Santas' female and male Christmas pixxies, elves and many thousands of spectators. 

The World Santa Claus Congress is organized by Dyrehavsbakken (Bakken) in close partnership with the Danish Santa Claus Guild. 
The Congress is finding place at Bakken, the world's oldest and Denmark's most amusing amusement park.

Everything practical

Julemændenes Verdenskongres JMV Julemand Dansk Julemandslaug

Danish Santa Claus Guild

Danish Santa Claus Guild is the organization for Santas, male and female, Christmas pixies and elves. They all have in common, that they love to spread the Christmas joy and they work professionally with the Santa Claus act. It is important to the guild to honor the myth about the Santa Claus and to spread the Christmas joy to both children and adults. More on: Dansk Julemands Laug.

See more on their website
Bakken Julemand Jul Nisseskoven

"Alletiders Julemand" - Denmark

”I have been a Santa for 5 years and have participated in the World Santa Claus Congress for 5 years. I participate in the congress because of the social network and to meet national and international peers. My favorite part is the excursion to Copenhagen with the canal tour excursion and the parade in the main street. WSCC is unique, there is nothing like this elsewhere. The atmosphere around the amusement park is fabulous and we have the opportunity to talk with all the happy guests.”

Julemændenes Verdenskongres JMV Julemand Stanta

"Stanta" - USA

”I have been a Santa for 18 years and have been to the WSCC for two years now. I have many international contacts with other Santas, and the WSCC makes it possible for me to meet them and get some new Santa-friends. WSCC is an open-minded congress where you have the opportunity to learn more about other Christmas cultures from around the world."

Julemændenes Verdenskongres JMV Julemand Santa Jim 2

"Santa Jim" - Hong Kong

"I have been a Santa for 27 years now. I have been participating in the WSCC since 2013. The WSCC is like one big family where you meet Santas from around the world. We have the opportunity to share the Christmas joy among children and their parents."

Julemændenes Verdenskongres JMV Julemand Klitnissen 2

"Klitnissen" - Denmark

“I have been Santa since I was 17 years old and have now participated in the World Santa Claus Congress 10 times. I participate in the WSCC because of the atmosphere, to meet with other Santas and take part in the professional talk. I specially enjoy the excursion to Copenhagen where we can show the foreign Santas our capital. It is a must for my family and me to participate in the WSCC."

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