Julemændenes Verdenskongres JMV Parader Pjerrot

World Santa Claus Congress 2020

Parades and Christmas fun

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A week filled with parades and fun

As is tradition, there will be daily parades through Bakken at World Santa Claus Congress - but also in the heart of Copenhagen. Furthermore, there is lots of christmas fun and activities at Bakken every day of the congress.

Christmas parades through Bakken and Copenhagen

Every day during the WSCC, there are parades at Bakken. There will be thousands of spectators who comes to look at the impressive Santas and their families. 
On the first day at the congress, we visit Copenhagen where the parade is going through the main street.

All three days there will be a parade through the streets at Bakken. 
The parade is lead the way by Pjerrot, the master of the guild of the Danish Santas and the pixie of the year. Followed by a great pixie-orchestra with 20 Christmas pixies, all the Santas, and their families, this is a magnificent parade. 

It is a tradition, that the Santas hand out presents and sweets to the children they pass by. Bakken will make sure there are sweets to hand out, but you can bring your own sweets – this will make it more fun.

Christmas fun at Bakken

During the congress, there is a real Christmas spirit at Bakken. The guests have the opportunity to meet the Santas. In the afternoon, there is the “Christmas in July”- show at the open-air stage.

Christmas in July

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