General information regarding World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken

World Santa Claus Congress 2020

General Information

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General information

Here we've collected some general information regarding World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken.


Bakken is located north of Copenhagen (10 kilometers) at Klampenborg.
Address: Dyrehavsbakken, Dyrehavevej 62, 2930 Klampenborg.

The train station near Bakken is Klampenborg. Here you can take the C-line (S-train) ore the regional trains from Copenhagen Central station.

If you are arriving by airplane, you are going to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) the main airport in Copenhagen. 
From the airport, there are train and metro to downtown Copenhagen (approx. 30 minutes)

If you arrives in your own car to Bakken, you will get a free parking code to the parking lot at Bakken.

It is free to participate in the World Santa Claus Congress. The participants must defray the expenses (hotel, travel and part of the catering) themselves.

Santas, Pixies and Elves

At the World Santa Claus Congress, participating Santas and Christmas pixies and elves (of whatever persuasion) will be the focus of the Congress. Thousands of people come to see Santas from all over the world celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ at Bakken.

It is important that all participating Santas and Christmas pixies and elves help to spread Christmas cheer among visitors at Bakken – especially among the children. We therefore expect participants to mingle with Bakken’s visitors, say hello to the children, make themselves available for photographs, participate in parades and generally participate in the programme set up by the organisers.

The following is expected of all participants

•That they perform in full costume (in accordance with the traditions in their home country) in the period when the programmeactivities takes place.

•That they participate actively in parades and other set programme activities.

•That they do not advertise products and do not sell products during the period in which they are dressed as Santa Claus during the Congress.

•That they arrive on time at the designated place for the various Christmas activities.

•That they only take a few and short breaks (the programme is organized so that there will be natural breaks during the day’s activities).

•That they conduct themselves appropriately, in a friendly and amenable manner with both the public and Santa colleagues.

•That they do not drink alcohol or smoke while they are dressed as Santa Claus.


Christmas in July

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